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In this game you play as Jeremy Bearimy who has been appointed by the mayor of Greenstown to improve the towns environment and increase its sustainable energy. As you run around the town you'll find litter and rubbish that can be broken down by your trusty hammer and the materials gained from it will allow you upgrade the infrastructure and buildings of Greenstown.

The Team

  • Leon J Plumb - Team Lead, Game Design and Asset Production.

  • Patrick Allen - Programmer.

  • Rowan Dalton - Game Design and Production.

  • Nathan Johnson - Asset Production.

  • Harry Scarisbrick-Dixon - Asset Production.

  • Hanna Gokani - Asset Production and Sustainability Consultant.

  • Daniel J Bedwell - Sustainability Consultant.

My role in the project

This project took place during a 36 hour Game Jam hosted by Confetti​ and NTU Green Academy for Industry Week 2021 in conjunction with BAFTA Albert. Our team was given the theme of "energy" which lead to the creation of the project.

Team Lead

  • Managed a team of 7 of various skillsets.

  • Organised online file management of the project.

  • Motivated the team and got everyone involved with the project.

  • Problem solving and Reasoning Skills.

  • Presented and Pitched the project via video conference.


  • Produced the GDD.

  • Designed gameplay mechanics.

  • Built the game around the game jam's themes 


Asset Production

  • Produced 3D models for the game project

  • Created Textures for in game assets

  • Assisted with UV maps

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