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More to come

Watch this space as even more pieces of my work are to come

Technica Velocitatem.JPG
Game Level

Technica Velocitatem

This track for Trackmania 2 Stadium tests drivers reaction times throughout a fast yet technical track

Speedstation 5.JPG
Game Level

Speedstation 5

This track for Trackmania United Forever utilises the Island environment to create an incredibly fast pace arcade experience

FateCards Back.png
Tabletop Game

Fate's Arcana

Winner of the Confetti Industry Week 2021 Board Game Jam "Fate's Arcana" is Tarot themed card game in which up to 4 players work together as they go through the journey of life.

Logo Game Jam.png
Video Game

Jeremy Bearmey Hero of Greenstown

Participant of the Confetti Industry Week 2021 Sustainability Game Jam “Jeremy Bearmey Hero of Greenstown” is a family friendly town management game teaching the player the importance of sustainable energy and recycling.

Video Game

Project Victory

Inspired by 80's Sci-fi and  Arcade Shoot 'em Up's "Project Victory" is a passion project which takes place in the year 2100 as you play as three pilots fighting against giant mechanical machines called "Titians"

How Deep Is Your Love_Moment.jpg

"How Deep Is Your Love" - NTU Choir MASH Test

A MASH Test animation based on the NTU Choir's cover of "How Deep Is Your Love"


"Lum No Love Song" Mash Test

Testing the Arnold render and the MASH tools in Maya 2020 using "Lum No Love Song" from the classic anime Urusei Yatsura.


"All Night Forever"  

A MASH animation created in Maya 2020 of the song "All Night Forever" by TWRP

Opal Trail.PNG
Phone Application

Opal Trail

A group project that was done during the 2nd year of university "Opal Trail" was a minigame which was supposed to be part of an NHS App

3D Modelling

Monaco '76 showcase

Made during 2020 for an assessment during my 2nd year of university this 3D environment was made to pay homage to my favourite race track.

3D Modelling

Hell in a Cell

A mobile phone converted into an IED in defence against the zombie horde. This was created for my first year in uni in 3DS Max and Quixel Suite 

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