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Lum No Love Song - MASH Test

I did this little project to experiment with the MASH tools in Autodesk Maya as well as to relearn Arnold Render and more advanced materials. At the same time I was experimenting with these tools I started watching "Urusei Yatsura" which was a Manga and Anime series created by Rumiko Takahashi. During this period of time I became obsessed with the first opening song "Lum No Love Song" by Yuko Matsutani, so I decided to test my skills by making a visualiser of the song using what I learned. (Matsutani, 1981) In the video I created materials that have strong reflections (such as the silver/gold blocks and the background) and for the crystal halo I made a glass material shaded in blue. I also animated the background and blocks materials to reflect introduction animation. Once the animation was complete I had to render it out. This took a considerable amount of time due to the fact the animation had 2680 frames and had numerous raytracing elements. On the 12th of February 8 days later using my old PC as a rendering farm the video was complete.



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Matsutani, Y., 1981. Lum No Love Song. Tokyo: Canyon.

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