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Project Victory

The Concept

"Project Victory” is a strategic shoot-em up action game with roguelike deck building elements. This game will use a mixture of action and strategy to create an experience which will appeal to the consumers that like old-school arcade and PC games. In “Project Victory” you play as an international military group tasked in defending peace around the world from organisations of malicious intent. The game has two gameplay states: Commander Mode and Sortie Mode.

"Project Victory" is a shoot 'em up action game which is inspired by 1980's Sci-Fi and Games. In this game you play as three characters throughout the campaign; Lucca Senn, Charles Cromwell and Mei Qing.

The game also features "V Project" mode which takes rouge-like deck building elements to create a theoretically endless experience for the player all while adding lore to the universe.

The Inspirations

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