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NHS Hopewood Development blog: Chapter 5: Compromise & Exporting to Android

This is it, this is the last post before the first build deadline and it's an exciting yet nervous time as everything must be ready and working for the prototype and the submission. If you read the previous blog posts you'd know that all the core mechanics of the game has been developed with touch interface being the one thing that needs to be fixed.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a gesture control system to work within the initial deadline so I compromised by creating a button interface that controls the character's actions within the Android device. While this isn't ideal due to what was planned, this is the best alternative fix I could muster up for a platform ready build.


The next step is get a build of this game onto an Android device, Sam gave me a link to documentation and a guide so I could successfully port it onto one of my devices. For the device used for the prototype build I used my Pixel 2 XL in which I enabled developer mode and in the developer settings set it to allow USB Debugging. After that I followed the instructions that Sam gave me to start the progress in porting it onto my device.

During the process of it being ported there's an output log screen that can be opened, which I kept a close eye on during the build time in case any errors showed up... which one did but thankfully it was a syntax error with the build name that was easy to fix. After 5-10 minute wait the game was working on my phone and it felt amazing, absolutely amazing to have a game build I worked on to be playable on a device that isn't a computer. Now the project is ready to be showcased to the tutor, the feedback for this prototype will be discussed during the next chapter of the blog but for now I will celebrate.

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