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NHS Hopewood Development blog: Chapter 6: Prototype Feedback

It's been a few days since the Sonic The Hedgehog movie was released which was also the same day for the prototype deadline which the team and I successfully completed as mentioned in the previous chapter of this blog. This week's chapter will be discussing the feedback obtained for the build and how we are moving forward with the project.

Andrew the tutor and head of the Hopewood project's administration had taken a look at our prototype and was impressed with how far the game was developed and its functionality but he told the team that he would want the game to have full touch gesture controls so it can match the other minigames on the application which is understandable considering the digital button interface was used while a solution for the touch controls was in the works. Another critique was the use of ragdoll physics when the player collides with any of the obstacles; although humorous it did not suit the projects purpose so it will be removed and replaces with a more appropriate way of ending the game.

It was also noted by the members of the team that the games spawn weighting can be improved to balance the game difficulty which is something to consider addressing over the next development phase Annie also noted that she could improve the models after looking at her work in game and from the research she did along with Deven taking notes for the U.I design of the game. This gave us a foothold in the next stage of developing the game to its gold state.

But in the meantime I will be working on my other assignments and keeping up to commitments in other group projects leading up to Industry Week.

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